September 28, 2022

Our brains are still looking for that sabre-tooth tiger

Q: During my review, I received feedback that people think I can be negative. I have to admit that I have become quite negative lately. It’s not much fun and it's clearly impacting me at work. This isn’t how I used to be. How can I turn this around? Interesting fact, did you know our brain is hardwired to focus on the negative? Solid research … [Read more...]

Top 10 things NOT to do at an interview!

Q: I recently applied for a job that stated it was a “casual work environment” and when I didn’t get the job, the feedback I was given by the recruiter was that I came across as too casual. I thought that was what they wanted? A: This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. Don’t confuse a casual work environment with not having to be … [Read more...]

Owning up to mistakes the best policy

Q : My business partner and I disagree on how we should handle a situation at work. We made a decision that turned out to be a pretty big mistake and it impacted our team in a negative way. I think we should acknowledge to the team that it was a mistake but my partner things we shouldn’t and that we should just move on. Who’s right? A: What a … [Read more...]

How to deal with the “office slacker”…

Q: I have a co-worker who is a complete slacker. They don’t do their fair share and I end up picking up the slack. I don’t know what to do. A: In a survey of 550 people, 93% said they work with at least one person who isn’t doing their fair share. Many people worry that something bad will happen if they say something. Here are a few tips on … [Read more...]

Are you the office martyr?

  Q: I have always thought of myself as being a team player & hard worker. Recently I overheard someone call me a “martyr” at work and they find me difficult to work with. I have been working long hours and been pretty stressed lately but what does that even mean? Being a hard worker shows your commitment to your job and company, … [Read more...]