September 19, 2021

Build Trust by Challenging Your Boss

Q: I have a new boss who wants to take the company in a new direction. I have been with the company for 15 years and think it’s a mistake. We tried it before and it didn’t work. While I agree changes need to happen, I don’t agree with the direction he wants to go. How do I tell him this without jeopardizing my job? A: Challenging your boss, … [Read more...]

Managing Your Emotions at Work

Q: Sometimes I struggle with managing my emotions at work.  If I’m feeling upset, frustrated or angry and I need to share my opinion, it’s all I can do not to start to cry or blurt something out in anger depending on the situation.  I don’t want to be seen as rude, weak or unprofessional, what can I do when this happens? A: You might be … [Read more...]

People “hear” your personality

Q: I have an interview coming up and I never seem to do a very good job of describing experiences from the past; I seem to lose people.  How can I become better at telling people about myself and why they should hire me?   A: If you are losing people when you are talking it might be how you are delivering your message that is getting in your … [Read more...]

Sat down with Social Media Diva Carley Bakker to be interviewed for her Influential Women Series!

Last week I sat down with Social Media Diva Carley Bakker to be interviewed for her Influential Women Series. We had a great conversation on the importance of "play" in our lives and about what it takes to successful as a coach... Check out the interview    … [Read more...]

Promising to yourself that you won’t get stressed out is a recipe for just the opposite

Q: I am about to move into the busy season for my company and I don't want to be completely exhausted and stressed by the end of it. What can I do to avoid this? A: Your first step is to get clear about what you do want instead of what you don't want. This might seem like a little thing, but it's actually not. Here's the deal; your brain doesn't … [Read more...]